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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Sadly I forgot I even had this blogger set up. Well if anyones interested my life is pretty much the same old same old. You know great job, super fast car, and all that good stuff haha right. Oh well i'm digging around for teaching jobs as we speak so we'll see what happens.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hmmmm, so I've decided to drop down from the fifth grade to first grade for my second student teaching placement. I'm not sure if it was a good idea to try a grade this low or not. The class is a fun group, but I just really prefer working with older students. There's something about cutting and pasting all day, and dancing to music while running around that just doesn't do it for me. Hell it's fun, but not being able to have a discussion with my kids kind of sucks. But then again this may just be part of the phenomenon know as "placement sickness." In other words I just haven't gotten used to the new setting, style, and students. Well whatever I never quit anything once I start and that's not about to change so it's time to shut up, and suck it up!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So here's a question for ya'll. Why the hell do hippies not wash their damn hair???? I mean yeah it's great to be one with nature or whatever and not waste, but come on go jump in a river then or something. And how does smoking an illegal substance and wasting an entire day sitting around really help the world anyway. Quite honestly all it does is spread the illegal drug market farther and farther. And all the damn legalize marijauna rallies and campaigns waste even more time. And yet oddly enough i've allowed a good friend of mine to turn me into a mini-hippy if that makes sense. So i guess i'd better start smoking pot and wasting my time pissing and moaning about the little things!

Monday, March 13, 2006


So I have a buddy who showed me the beauty that is Finally I site where I can just bitch about everything and not even care, yay! Hmmmmm well anyway I guess I'll get to that later. So I have to go write some lesson plans up because student teaching is the greatest thing ever. Actually the kids are funny, and I do enjoy the job but it would be nice to get paid a little bit. I mean i'm paying how many thousands of dollars a year to do work, and then I graduate and still get paid crap. And half the world bitches because they think we don't do any work. Bah!! Go talk to the computer geek around the corner who's hauled up in his/her (i'm not biased :P) playing World of Warcraft as much as working and still hauling in big freaking G's. I'll send them twenty-seven sick little kids so they can get strep throat, the flu, and about ten colds in one year. I mean hell I can understand doctors making the big bucks, their saving lives it's just right. But then you have vampir....i mean lawyers, and computer geeks (haha i'm gonna get my computer destroyed for this one), and God knows who else making big bucks for blah. What about teachers!?!?! Hmmm so who teaches kids to read, who deals with all the middle school drama, who breaks up the high school fights, who take fifty damn years of school to get paid shit and know more than most living humans as a professor!!!! BAH!!!